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Award Sept. 2023
Retail E-Commerce | Delivery

myGastro.App – Die SaaS-Mietlösung verwandelt die Gastronomie in ihre eigene App.

with VuKo Software Solutions GmbH
myGastro.App ermöglicht Gastronomiebetreibern, ihre Bestell-, Abhol- und Lieferprozesse nahtlos zu digitalisieren und zu optimieren. Unsere App bietet eine Fülle von Funktionen: von Bestellungen über Fahrer-Management und Lieferverfolgung bis hin zu Kundenbindungsfunktionen – und das ist nur der Anfang. Alles präsentiert sich in einer intuitiven und benutzer ...
Marcel Kilicalp
Award Sept. 2022
Retail Technology

Scanning devices using artificial intelligence for better demand forecasting

with Nah&Frisch
Circly has brought artificial intelligence to the handheld scanning devices of the Franchise retailer Nah&Frisch, saving each store at least 6h a week and capital. Circly developed AutoML that enables tremendous resource savings from producers to retailers through AI. With an average of > 85% more accurate planning, resources can be used more efficien ...
Award Sept. 2022
Retail Omnichannel

Mit Omnichannel zu mehr Umsatz – wie SØR die Omnichannel-Strategie umsetzt!

with SØR, Bonavest GmbH
SØR is a successful fashion brand reseller with 24 stores in Germany. The company places great emphasis on service and customer satisfaction. The answer to many questions for SØR is the Shopgate Omnichannel-Suite, in detail Click&Reserve and Ship-from-Store. In other words, reserving goods and picking them up on site – or environmentally friendly s ...
Sebastian Lauk
Retail Technology

Charging phones in retail stores

with Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof
This use case is about service. Because if the consumer is searching to charge his phone he will do a lot for this. Karstadt decide to place this charging station in the main entrance. So every customer can see this device directly. Combined with a shot survey on its display you can charge and secure (looked door) your phone. Benefit for retailer: Its more . ...
Retail Technology

Free WiFi – Frankfurt

with WiFi technology
The first thing a customer sees when they attempt to log on to your wifi is the landing page you’ve designed to welcome them. Think of this as another chance at a first impression, a rare thing in the hospitality industry! You can use this opportunity to tell your customer something more about your establishment and invite them to become a part of the ...
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