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Shipping to Switzerland – 48 hours to customers with low cost customs clearance


Georg-Kaindl-Straße 1, 83624 Otterfing,


Award Sept. 2022


Bergzeit, like many e-tailers in Europe, wanted to take advantage of the Swiss market. With its high purchasing power, high average basket values, and low availability of many products (especially in the Fashion and Home verticals), it’s an ideal market for cross-border traders. However, the high costs of customs processes and duties combined with the already higher shipping rates can be challenging for profit margins.

In a close partnership, Bergzeit and Seven Senders were able to grow together and find an ideal solution for simplified and cost-effective shipping and customs clearance that required no IT adaption.

Since starting the cooperation in 2016, Bergzeit has seen a 47% growth rate QoQ on average, and with our new customs solution, their yearly savings is estimated at over 100.000 EUR. In 2021, a new milestone was achieved: 1 million parcels to/from Switzerland were processed.

Thanks to the groundwork done in Switzerland, it was easy to establish a successful, localized shipping solution for further expansion. We were able to quickly implement Bergzeit’s entry into the Italian market and the UK, using the experience of our Swiss customs solution as a basis for a post-Brexit solution for shipping and returns.

The case demonstrates how retailers can successfully open up new markets by working with an expert partner who can customize shipping solutions per region and ensure working with the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective local delivery providers for inbound and returns.

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Name:simplified shipping and customs clearance
Technology:EDI, one-single point API
Project goalThe goal of the cooperation was to establish the lowest-cost customs clearance solution that requires a minimum of technical effort. It was also important to maintain frictionless and fast lead times for shipping to Switzerland, with customers receiving their orders within 48 hours with no additional duties or fees.
Project scope:Our simplified customs clearance solution only requires that retailers maintain precise product data. Once data is imputed via EDI, Seven Senders and MS Direct take over customs clearance, shipping and returns – with no additional effort from the retailer.
Innovation:Seven Senders developed a solution with MS Direct that levers the strengths of both the bulk and the single customs clearance in one process. We were able to minimize customs duties and achieve the lowest customs fees. Orders are next day injected to the local parcel hub without delays and handed over to a last mile carrier. Returns are qualified locally, paid taxes and duties are credited and goods are bundled and shipped back without import duties–for a faster returns process and less costs.
Costs:With our shipping solution customs duties are minimized, creating high savings and added value to profit from the Swiss e-commerce market. It is also extremely low effort, as there is no IT adaptation needed. To work with Seven Senders, shippers just need one integration to our single-point API to gain access to our physical and digital shipping services including labels, tracking and notifications.
Replication:Fully replicable and scalable

Use-Case customer:


Location: Georg-Kaindl-Straße 1, 83624 Otterfing, 83624 , Germany


Website: https://www.bergzeit.de/

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