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Jumbo is the second-largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. It is part of the privately owned Van Eerd Group, which was originally a grocery wholesaler, established in 1921. The chain has over 60,000 employees and approximately 660 stores. Jumbo first deployed the Zebra MC17 Personal Shoppers in-store over ten years ago, followed by MC18s; however, these models were coming to end of life and Jumbo needed to update its hardware.

Jumbo has exciting plans in the pipeline for its self-scanning experience and was delighted that the new Zebra Personal Shopper has the option of advanced features such as a camera for locationing and navigation and a microphone for calling in-store assistance. Simac IT NL BV, a leading systems integrator who provides high-quality technology to clients in Benelux and Central Europe, was founded in 1971 and specialises in the retail sector. It has been a Zebra Premium Business Partner for 20 years. For Jumbo, it has been the single point of contact for all equipment and IT elements – from hardware to software, networks to security – and any related queries for the last 15 years. Simac has been responsible for progressively delivering the fully staged Zebra PS20 Personal Shoppers to Jumbo stores.


Jumbo’s self-scanning solution is so popular among its customers because it is so accessible, enticing customers to actually use the scanners; and this upgrade to the Zebra PS20, and the new applications Jumbo will be able to offer in the near future, will further enhance the shopping experience.

Firstly, Jumbo is currently installing Philips LED lighting in-store and these lights, in combination with the Zebra PS20’s integrated camera, will be utilised for a new locationing and navigation application for self-scanning customers. The application will guide customers around the store via an on-screen map, based on the questions they ask and the items they are looking for.

Secondly, Jumbo is introducing self-scanning customer assistance;
to access the advisory service, shoppers will need to activate the PS20’s microphone via Push to Talk. They can then ask for assistance, recommendations or product information, for example, and one of the nearby store assistants, working with a PS20, will receive a notification and will respond.

As well as these exciting future innovations, the PS20, which sits in
a cradle on the shopping trolley, has updated sensors and Digimarc support; this delivers high-performance hands-free scanning, with customers no longer having to locate items’ barcodes. The PS20s also have even better battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity. Customers have given excellent feedback, as Michiel Kienjet comments: “Customers are very positive about the new scanners. They are faster than the old scanners, are better able to scan poorly readable barcodes and contain a much larger and more colourful screen with more information. It’s like switching from an old Nokia to the latest iPhone.”

However, it is not just customers who are using the multi-purpose Zebra PS20s. Jumbo store associates are using the devices to pick Click & Collect and Online home delivery orders; with the integrated camera they will also be able to take photos to flag low stocks on shelf while they are picking, for swift replenishment.


Click & Collect, home delivery and self-scanning have all seen a significant upsurge for obvious reasons since the coronavirus outbreak; and it is
fully expected most Jumbo customers trying self-scanning for the first time will be converted to this fast, convenient way of shopping. Michiel Kienjet believes the future-proof solution Jumbo has deployed utilising Zebra PS20s will become the standard and he explains how smartphones just cannot compete: “The PS20s are built specifically for retail and offer all the high-performance, future functionality we need; if we were to run our applications on customer smartphones instead, all kinds of practical problems arise. The battery can run out halfway through a shop. And what if the smartphone falls on the hard floor while scanning? A smartphone is significantly less robust than a handheld scanner. And that’s before you even start comparing performance. Our customers prefer to keep their smartphones for personal use and use the high-performance personal shoppers, which offer all the future functionality we need.”

Indeed, Jumbo is the first retailer in the Netherlands to offer these exciting new in-store navigation and assistance self-scanning applications and it
is looking to expand this next generation self-scanning solution to further stores and to its Belgium stores in the near future.

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