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ATOSS Software AG

ATOSS Software AG offers technology and consulting solutions for professional workforce management and demand-optimised personnel deployment. Our retail customers include Alnatura, ALDI SÜD, Breuninger, BRAUN Hamburg, BUTLERS, Dehner, Douglas, EDEKA, engelhorn, FISHBULL, Fressnapf Group, Hornbach, LACOSTE, Peter Hahn, Versandhaus Walz and WASGAU. 95 percent forecasting accuracy, 90 percent less planning effort and an eight percent higher conversion rate – these are figures from current …

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Apteco GmbH

Apteco is an owner-managed software company that develops solutions for customer analytics and campaign automation. The Apteco Marketing Suite provides marketers with new insights from their data, which they can use in a variety of ways. The portfolio includes solutions for customer segmentation, predictive analytics, personalisation, customer profiling, omni-channel campaign management as well as reporting and dashboarding functionalities. In addition to its headquarters in …

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Ameria AG

AMERIA is the global leader in gesture-driven customer interfaces that deliver fun for customers and valuable data for businesses. The Heidelberg-based company’s cloud-based and touchless technology delights customers at the touchpoint with entertaining content and is unique when combined with seamless end-2-end integration into AMERIA’s software ecosystem – the Connected Experience®. This enables the collection and analysis of customer data and the creation and …

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AMB Software GmbH

Depending on your needs, our IT engineers are available both as well-coordinated agile SCRUM teams and as experts (Senior Software Architect, Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer) in software development or team expansion. As a family business, we are a reliable partner for your IT projects.

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AHAG Unternehmensberatung GmbH

AHAG Unternehmensberatung is a consultancy specialising in business intelligence and process optimisation based in Münster. With over 40 years of practical experience and numerous projects in online retailing, the AHAG founders have further developed the BI-supported optimisation and controlling systems they implemented together in industry to fit online retailing perfectly and have adapted them to current developments with the know-how of the AHAG team. …

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Advantech Service-IoT GmbH

Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions to drive IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. It also supports business partners and customers in connecting industrial value chains. Its application-oriented computing solutions benefit markets like intralogistics, fleet management, heavy duty, retail and industrial production. To help shape corporate ecosystems and accelerate the realization of industrial intelligence, Advantech leverages its ever-expanding networks of partners. As a …

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Actindo AG

Actindo has been on the market since 2007, making it a Bavarian cloud ERP pioneer from the very beginning. The company has received many awards, including multiple “ERP System of the Year” and the “Best in Ecommmerce” award from IDG, and today serves over 2,500 customers with its solutions, including CITTI, ETERNA, Kölner Haie,, Braun Büffel and RocknShop. Today, Actindo supports companies with …

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acardo group ag

acardo is the specialist agency in the field of shopper activation for FMCG manufacturers and retailers. For almost 20 years, the company has been supporting top brands in the sales promotion of their products and ensures that couponing processes run smoothly. acardo advises leading German retailers on innovative POS concepts as well as brand management with regard to full-service support and the integration of …

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Campaign.Plus GmbH

Campaign.Plus is a standalone email marketing and newsletter software that benefits from sendeffect’s know-how and infrastructure. The sendeffect offshoot specializes in e-commerce and smaller senders such as agencies, SMEs and bloggers. In doing so, Campaign.Plus provides the necessary tools to create outstanding newsletters that strengthen your brand and build customer loyalty without spending a lot of time.

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Die THE LBMA ist ein internationaler Verband der die Verbindung der realen Welt mit der digitalen Welt in das Zentrum seiner Aktivitäten stellt. So ist der LBMA e.V. die Vertretung und Plattform für alle ortsbezogenen Lösungen & Services von Unternehmen/Organisationen. Wir arbeiten Industrie-unabhängig und fördern das Geschäft unserer Partner über alle Touchpoints und Medienkanäle hinweg. Der Fokus liegt in den Branchen Retail, E-Commerce und IKT.

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Scala improves the customer experience through intelligent digital signage solutions in brick-and-mortar retail, on mobile devices as well as websites. The subsidiary of the leading US digital signage provider STRATACACHE delivers complete solutions for top brands, innovative large companies, marketers and retailers to create an optimal shopping experience that can be flexibly tailored to individual customer needs and preferences.

Mar 30, 2020 0 Continue Reading
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