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In-store communication software for employees and customers and IoT platform.

  • Responsive Acoustics GmbH (ReAct) is the innovation leader for digital store management. With the self-developed SaaS platform “Call to Action”, we offer numerous intelligent answers to the challenges of stationary trade. In this way, we not only revolutionise the internal processes in retail, but also ensure more shopping pleasure, more turnover and higher customer satisfaction with our communication and sound solutions. Our system is modular and flexible: from wireless solutions to modern communication with smart devices (smartwatches, mobile phones and tablets) to Big Data, we design optimal solutions – tailored to the respective technical infrastructure. The ReAct “Call To Action” platform allows (retail) employees to communicate with each other via smartwatches, mobile phones, radio or tablets. A key aspect here is role-based communication: employees are members of different roles and can thus be addressed in bundled form and according to functional areas. Processes thus become significantly more efficient, as all those involved in the process remain informed about the status of a task at all times, thus significantly saving walking distances.
  • IoT integration in communication – The increasingly networked devices in retail, such as deposit machines, baking machines, temperature sensors, self-checkout counters or cash management systems require the intervention of retail employees in certain situations. Using the “Call To Action” platform, all of these devices can be integrated into the communication loop so that employees are specifically alerted to malfunctions, thus enabling a smooth integration of these devices into the operational process.
  • Improving the Customer Journey – Both the automated announcements, where customers are addressed in a pleasant and professional voice, and the “High Trust Soundscapes”, which provide acoustic support for the range of goods (Acoustic Category Management), have a significantly positive impact on dwell time and the willingness to visit the shop again (retention rate). The masking effects of the “High Trust Soundscapes”, but also the service quality through the “Call To Action” platform described above, ensure shorter waiting times for advice and at hot spots such as checkouts and reverse vending systems. ReAct has a very customer-oriented effect and subsequently ensures significant increases in turnover through an improved customer journey.
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Award Sept. 2020
Retail Technology

IoT Communication Platform

with EDEKA Nord
ReAct vereinfacht und beschleunigt die Kommunikation zwischen Marktleitung, Marktmitarbeitern, Kunden und Markttechnik (IoT). So wird die Effizienz aller Arbeitsabläufe und das Kundenerlebnis signifikant gesteigert. Mitarbeiter empfangen gezielt AdHoc-Aufgaben auf allen Android-fähigen Geräten sowohl von anderen Mitarbeitern als auch von Maschinen aus der Pe ...
Retail Store Design

High Trust Soundscapes

with Niemerszein
Wir haben die erste umfassende Klanginszenierung entwickelt, mit der es möglich ist, Menschen über Sound zu steuern und somit ein “Akustisches Category Management” anzubieten. So können in Geschäften über die Ohren Zonen kreiert werden, die die dort angebotene Waren akustisch in den richtigen Kontext setzen. Die High Trust Soundscapes wurden von Psychologen ...

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Adress: Langenkamp 14, 22880 Wedel, Germany

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