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trbo is a technology company for the automated and personalised customer approach on the website. With trbo’s AI-based platform, website content and offers can be designed individually and inspiringly – in real time tailored to the needs of customers in their customer journey.

trbo is a leading provider of dynamic onsite personalisation, optimisation and testing. With trbo’s AI-based platform, online shops and websites design their content and offers in an individual and inspiring way – matched in real time to the needs of users in their customer journey. With various trbo measures, our customers have already achieved conversion rate increases of over 25%.

The smart trbo algorithm recognises which user needs to receive which individual incentive at which time. For this purpose, trbo collects more than 50 user-related data points in the shop, e.g. the traffic channel, the purchase history but also the local weather. This data is analysed in real time, the users are segmented and insights for targeting are derived from it. Incentives to buy are delivered to users in the form of various elements with the look and feel of the shop. AI-based continuous optimisation of the personalised user approach takes place.

In addition, all measures can be tested for their success via A/B tests and multivariant tests.

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Award Sept. 2021
Retail Technology

Conversion Rate Steigerung durch Optimierung

with Telefónica
Die Telefónica Deutschland GmbH gehört mit den Marken O2 und Blau zu den wichtigsten Telekommunikationsanbietern in Deutschland. Blau bringt mobile Kommunikation auf den Punkt und präsentiert ein konsequent vereinfachtes Tarifportfolio. In einem ursprünglich stark stationären Geschäft wachsen Retail und Online nun vermehrt zusammen. So sollen auch die verfüg ...
Award Sept. 2022
Retail E-Commerce

21% höhere Conversion Rate durch optimierte Google Shopping Einstiege

with mydays
mydays ist einer der führenden Anbieter für Erlebnisse und Erlebnisgeschenke. Über 14.000 besondere Angebote warten an 20.000 Standorten in ganz Europa darauf, zu unvergesslichen Erinnerungen zu werden: von Wellness bis Kulinarik, von Kultur bis Action. Dabei immer im Vordergrund: das gemeinsame Erleben mit den Lieblingsmenschen, das in unserer hektischen Ze ...

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Adress: Leopoldstr. 41, 80802 München, Germany

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