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About the competition and the award rounds

The Best Retail Cases database brings together the diverse solutions currently used by the retail sector. In order to highlight the best among them, the Best Retail Cases Awards are presented regularly. An expert jury and the users – the retailers themselves – select their favourites. The best-placed cases benefit from significantly increased attention, among other things through special seals that can be incorporated into marketing measures and are directly integrated into the case presentation.

> Semi-annual awards in the main categories

January 2023

Around NRF New York

  • Submit: until 5th January 2023
  • Jury-Award winner: NRF New York, January 16, 2023
  • User-Voting: until end of February 2023
  • Voting-Award winner: 28th February, online
  • Topics: POS-innovations, seamless payment, shopper activations.

We start NOW!

June 2023

Around Retail Loco Minneapolis

  • Submit: until 29th April 2023
  • User-Voting: whole May 2023
  • Award-winner: June 2023
  • Topics: Drive traffic to stores, loyality, digital ads, pos solutions

We start NOW!

Submit in these Categories:

Retail Technology
Retail Marketing & Service
Retail Omnichannel
Retail E-Commerce
Retail Store-Concepts


Use-cases reader


Voters per award round


Media Jury Members

Jury awards


A jury of experts from the retail world will select the best cases independently of the user voting. It consists primarily of representatives from various media houses and closely examines the submitted retail cases in order to evaluate them according to benefits for end customers and retailers, functionality and innovation.

Users vote


Under the motto “Give me YOUR vote”, voting takes place for the users (retailers). Within six weeks, every vote from the case submitters will be fought for via the press, social and online channels. Prizes for the voters will fuel the mood for participation. Join in and take advantage of the media and user interest. Cases that do not move a large community prove themselves to the jury in any case.

Our jury members

melissa camp

Melissa Campelli,
Co Founder,
Women in Retail Leadership Circle


James O’Brien,
President, Custom,
Digiday Media


Gail Chiasson,
Communications Gail Chiasson


Asif Khan,
Founder & President,


James Tenser


Carsten Szameitat,


Sam Amrani
Predictive Analytics & Geospatial Intelligence Entrepreneur, Forbes

The next award round has begun! Submission until 5th January 2023.

Submission Information

When can cases be submitted?

The retail cases can be submitted from now until the end of the respective deadline: NRF New York-Award until 5th January 2023, Retail Loco Minneapolis Award until 29th April 2023. Submissions received later will not be considered for voting. A fee of 349.00 Dollars (plus VAT) will be charged for each case submitted.

When do you vote?

The user voting around NRF New York will run from 7th January 2023 until end of February 2023 and the Voting around Retail Loco Minneapolis will run during May 2023. During the voting, the cases will be presented by our partner media. The jury vote will take place after the user voting.

Which cases can be submitted?

Any retail case can be submitted – please note the advertised focus topics. Enter the case directly in the form into a sub-category in which the case is to be evaluated at the award.

How do I submit my case?

Cases can be submitted directly on the website via our form. Please note that you need to register your company once on our website. If you already have an account, please log in with your details. > This way

Please note the respective end date of the award submission.

Where can I find the case submission checklist?

HERE you will find all the fields that are asked for in the submission.

What happens after submission?

After submission, the case is checked by us and then released for evaluation on the website. As soon as the voting starts, the cases will be promoted via us and our partner media. Retailers will be invited to vote for the individual cases. Independently of this, the media jury evaluates the retail cases.

How does the award presentation work?

The award ceremony will take place either digitally via Zoom or on site at the associated event. You will be informed here in good time.

All award-winning cases will be called up individually and those responsible will be given the opportunity to briefly say something about their case. Several people per case can take part in the award ceremony.

What are the prices?

Through co-partnerships with GFM News and the supporting media, the best cases will be published on their various channels in print and online. A media budget will be distributed among all winners. The partner media will report on the winners and a winning press release will be sent out.

In addition, the winners receive our coveted seal, which particularly distinguishes the respective cases.

How do I draw attention to my case?

Also use your channels to cheer on the voting for your case. In addition, you can purchase media services from our partners at a reduced price or book additional ad-ons during the user voting. This way, the attention on the submitted case can be significantly increased.

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These media partners support us

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Carsten Szameitat

@THE LBMA Europe


Asif Khan

Founder & Chairman


Ron Cariker

Representative North America
@Best Retail Cases

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