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We help retailers and brand owners around the world create attractive and profitable shopping environments that enhance the consumer experience. With a passion for retail development and pride in execution, we work with our clients to create solutions that increase sales, inspire customers, drive automation and reduce waste.

Increase sales: According to Consumer Insights and examples from our own clients, consumers make decisions based on what is immediately available. Improving product display and reducing real or perceived vacancies increases sales.

Inspiring customers: Our experience working with the world’s leading retailers and brands has shown us how to create solutions that create more differentiation, inspire customers and make their shopping trip worthwhile.

Drive automation: Our merchandising systems free up store staff by automating repetitive tasks so they can spend their time where it really counts – interacting with customers.

Reduce waste: As more and more retailers and brand owners have the ambition to drastically reduce their plastic consumption and waste, we want to help them on their way to a more sustainable market.

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Award Sept. 2020
Retail Store Design

Gravity- & Scoop Bins für unverpackte Lebensmittel

with tegut… gute Lebensmittel
”tegut…” stattet aktuell kontinuierlich in zahlreichen Märkten seine Unverpackt-Stationen mit Schütt- und Schöpfbehältern von HL Display aus, um dem großen Interesse der Konsumenten an unverpackten Lebensmitteln nachzukommen. Die HL Display Behälter bei ”tegut…” sorgen für eine grossartige Produktsichtbarkeit bei Reis, Cerealien, Hülsenfrüchten, Nusskernen e ...

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Adress: Zeppelinstraße 4, 85399 Hallbergmoos, Germany

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