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Best Retail Cases
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Retail Technology

NOKIA Super Bowl Navigation 2017

with NOKIA
Keeping track: AR Wayfinding is an indoor navigation system that supports visitors in every aspect of their stadium stay. While animated signposts guide football fans to their seats quickly and easily, the rest of the app’s features provide them with food, drinks and anything else their hearts desire. Once the app is launched, users are shown all the importa ...
Retail Technology

Immersal City-Scale

with Immersal
The Immersal City-Scale is designed for ease of use, allowing mobile network operators to integrate it into their existing infrastructure seamlessly. This eliminates the need for complex and costly deployments, making the technology accessible to a wider range of businesses. Immersal is dedicated to bringing the most advanced and innovative technologies to t ...
Retail Technology

AI-powered skin type analysis tool from Perfect Corp.

The AI-powered skin type analysis tool was implemented by Douglas in July 2022. It is a completely new, customized solution that allows customers to determine their skin type and other skin characteristics via the DOUGLAS app. The skin analysis is based on AgileFace® tracking technology, a patented technology from Perfect Corp. that enables ultra-accurate vi ...

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