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Bijou Brigitte Germany: Modern POS systems (with Advan...

Bijou Brigitte was looking for a partner for the German branches who offers reliable and modern POS systems as All-in-One touchscreen computers. The implementation of the latest technologies, fast processor performance and ease of use were important. Due to the affiliation to the fashion retail industry, the focus is also on an appealing design of the devices. They have to be space-saving, inconspicuous but ...
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Interactive Self-Service Kiosk (with Advantech)

The company is set in Europe and uses the UTC as an interactive kiosk to offer product select service and as a membership self-service. The key wining factors for them were the sleek design of the panel, the customized 21.5” and 400 nits LCD screen that is suitable for the establishment and the perfect fit that is the mounting for the customer. About the ...
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Self-service (with Advantech)

The organisation employs the product as a self-service kiosk globally. It aids the locations in becoming more efficient and being up to date with the latest ways in servicing customers. If consumers are not only able, but prefer to serve themselves, then this could also reduce the space taken up by counters and transfer the staff from behind a screen into customer-facing roles. By ...
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Price checker (with Advantech)

The company utilizes the UTC along with a barcode scanner by Advantech globally. The main uses of the solutions in the various locations are as a price and product information checker, as well as to give stock information and allow online ordering. Other uses include a wayfinding kiosk and membership card checker, along with offering an ordering goods fetch service. One of the winning ...
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Meeting room management panel (with Advantech)

Based in Bern, Switzerland, the organisation is employing the UTC as an outside meeting room management panel. It allows the users to check when the room is occupied or free without disturbing the occupants of the space. The ones that have booked the room with the management panel are the only ones that can open it to use it ensuring the room will be ...
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