Price checker (with Advantech)

The company utilizes the UTC along with a barcode scanner by Advantech globally. The main uses of the solutions in the various locations are as a price and product information checker, as well as to give stock information and allow online ordering. Other uses include a wayfinding kiosk and membership card checker, along with offering an ordering goods fetch service. One of the winning factors for choosing the solution by Advantech was that the combination of UTC with barcode scanner fit precisely with the customer demand.  Due to the use of the screen by customers the IP65-rated makes the screen desirable along with the durable touchscreen, which provide a higher protection. Furthermore, the PoE eliminates the extra electrical wire that is usually needed and allows for a more flexible installation in comparison. On all four sides of the panel there are grooves that grant the possibility of an easy peripheral integration.

InnovationSide groove design for flexible peripheral installation, rich peripherals for diverse applications, IP65-rated panel.

About the solution:

Name: UTC


  • online and offline
  • for customers
  • Hardware
  • already launched on the markett

Live seit: 2019

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