Meeting room management panel (with Advantech)

Based in Bern, Switzerland, the organisation is employing the UTC as an outside meeting room management panel. It allows the users to check when the room is occupied or free without disturbing the occupants of the space. The ones that have booked the room with the management panel are the only ones that can open it to use it ensuring the room will be available for them. In the case of any problem opening the door the reception can be called to open the door remotely, eliminating the need of physical presence to continue the workflow. The key winning factors that were behind the decision to use Advantech’s are the modular barcode scanner and the option for customization of the color of the panel. As well as the system integration on total solutions and the ability to serve as a door opener.

Innovation: Side groove design for flexible peripheral installation, rich peripherals for diverse applications.

About the solution:

Name: UTC


  • online and offline
  • for customers
  • Hardware
  • already launched on the markett

Live seit: 2019

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Adress: Switzerland

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