German Alpine Club – climb in a retail store – Munich (GER)

The German Alpine Club was founded in 1869 in Munich and has now over 900.000 members in Germany. Teaming up with Sport Schuster in Munich both operate a indoor climbing wall in the Flagship store close to the Apple store. By using the web platform from the German Alpine Club a lot of trainings take place here. Also a community on social media is now established.

Benefit for retailer: 
By partnering with such a big community the retailer gets a huge attention on his store. Also the climb wall is part of the outside design of the store. So you drive traffic in store.

Benefit for consumer:
Eye-catching moments are guaranteed.

Potential problems:

  • a community manager is needed
  • lot of money and space is needed


  • internet
  • web cameras

About the solution:

Name: –

Used technology: –

Facts: –

Live since: –

Benefits for the customer: –

Benefits for the retailer: –

Benefits for the producer: –

About the Brand: 

Name:                Deutscher Alpen Verein – Sport Schuster

Address:            Rosenstrasse 1, 80331 München, Germany

Opening hours:       –


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