Cafe Frank – wifi tracking – Bonn (GER)

Franks Coffee should be still a pleasure factor, quality and in good preparation. This small coffee chain is using wifi tracking to identify visitors. So the spendings in online advertising in now better measurable.

Benefit for retailer: 
Knowing why your customer steps into your store is the key to optimize the advertising.

Benefit for consumer:
A free internet connection makes life easy.

Potential problems:

  • speed
  • identify the right data


  • wifi hotspot

About the solution:

Name: –

Used technology: –

Facts: –

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Benefits for the customer: –

Benefits for the retailer: –

Benefits for the producer: –

About the Brand: 

Name:                  Cafe Frank

Address:              Sternstrasse 45, 53111 Bonn

Opening hours:       –


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