Main Taunus Center – Digital Signage – Frankfurt (GER)

Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital displays use technologies such as LCDLEDprojection and e-paper to display digital imagesvideoweb pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings etc., to provide wayfindingexhibitionsmarketing and outdoor advertising.[1]They are used as a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising to targeted audiences.

3 ways to use digital signage in retail:

  • drive traffic into store
  • explain product (customer / employees)
  • tell your story as part of the store design

About the solution:

Name: Digital signage

Used technology: –

Facts: –

Live since: –

Benefits for the customer: –

Benefits for the retailer: –

Benefits for the producer: –

Think about: the screens must be a part of the store design, maintenance, content (size), individualization

About the Brand: 

Name:                    Main Taunus Centrum

Address:                  MTC Sulzbach, 65843 Sulzbach/Taunus

Opening hours:       –


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