Hight Street – Neuhauser Strasse – Munich (GER)

Hight Street

Overall frequency is a decisive factor for checking key figures and conversions – that’s the theory. Unfortunately, this data is often not available to retailers. There is a lack of measuring facilities in city centers and simple tools to make this information available to retailers.

Use Case:

  • People Counting Outdoor
  • Conversion Tracking in Store
  • analytics

About the solution:

Name: –

Used technology: Operator Data, wifi, In App Data, beacons, camara system, light barriers

Facts: –

Live since: –

Benefits for the customer: –

Benefits for the retailer: –

Benefits for the producer: –

Potential problems: –

About the Brand: 

Name:                      Hight Street

Address:                   Neuhauser Straße, 80331 Munich, Germany

Opening hours:       –



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